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Download and play Nightfire for the PC in ! Our updated version of the game has working multiplayer and players every day! HELP. Downloads / Client. Nightfire – Game Nightfire – Patch v () (download) Nightfire – Patch v () LITE (For Non-English Versions or Minimal Installation) (download. Description of Nightfire. , the year Nightfire was released on Windows. Made by Gearbox Software LLC and published by Electronic Arts, Inc., this action game is available for free on this page/5(). Nightfire’s Multiplayer Action Looks Every Bit As Hot As The Single Player Game. It wouldn’t be a proper PC shooter if it wasn’t going to do the business online, and NightFire’s multiplayer is being taken very seriously indeed/10(17). James Bond fan or not, you are sure to enjoy completing difficult spy missions in this game. James Bond NightFire is a shooting game developed by EA that will satisfy your craving for action. The James Bond experience Famous agent has always looked cool shooting enemies in .


James Bond 007 Nightfire.007 nightfire pc game download


James Bond Nightfire. And after fighting almost to the death among ourselves in order to get a go, we can officially proclaim that it’s looking every bit as good as we hoped it would.

While we waited impatiently for our turn, we spoke to project director Landon Montgomery, and asked him a bit about the game’s character. But as an MI6 agent. Bond generally acts as a lone wolf sent in to single-handedly take care of those messy situations that would normally require an entire covert team. Anyone we’ll recognise from the films? Playing Nightfire proved to be an exhilarating experience, with many ways of approaching each level.

During his go, Dave used stealth tactics aided by a pair of night vision sunglasses to negotiate his way round wandering patrol men, cunningly utilising a knock-out dart-firing fountain pen to silently immobilise his foes.

Hill on the other hand, piled in with a customary lack of caution, unloading countless clips into walls, the floor and other random pieces of scenery from his SG5 Commando Nightfire will feature over 20 weapons in all , before being gunned down like a rabid dog.

A more coordinated man would have succeeded. He was also keen to stress how the PC version will differ from its console counterparts. Both versions console and PC are interpreting and executing the Nightfire storyline from two different angles and will offer people very different experiences.

I think the PC version is most likely to appeal to fans of the FPS genre while the console versions are following in the footsteps of Agent Under Fire, and as such are incorporating driving missions into their mix. Gearbox has one of the best records in the PC gaming world, and believe us, once Nightfire is finished, it looks like it’s going to be one hell of a ride. Of course, the enduring misogynist has been in a tough spot once or twice before. What could possibly go wrong?

And you notice something is slightly awry straight away. Bond films always grab your attention with a spectacular opening full of amazing set pieces and breathtaking stunts but, in a preview of things to come, Nightfire kicks off with you infiltrating a castle straight out of Wolfenstein, pressing some switches to unlock some doors and shooting some guards.

It tries to make up for this by allowing several routes into the castle see the Walkthrough panel to see what they are thus trying to trick you into thinking this is some open-ended, Deus Ex-style open-ended shooter. This taste of freedom, however, is both your first and your last. When you finally get into the castle proper you have to mingle in a high-society party and take some photographs of the women there with your hidden camera.

Only you find the said party consists of a handful of people standing in a room looking at paintings and that, to take a proper picture of the classy women there, you have to stand in front of them like a bloody tourist. But some of them simply go to waste. And even these hooks are few and far between. There’s some guy called Drake – a rather poor goateed villain who disappointingly fails to stroke white cats or keep pools of piranha – and some computer virus called Nightfire.

Or is it an evil missile attack plan? Yes, I distinctly remember something about missiles. And an office tower. Oh, and some women in sexy lingerie. Or was that just the website I was looking at? Actually, the lingerie provides the most Bondish moments in gameplay, since all the other things such as kissing beautiful women are saved for the cut-scenes. How it works is this. You have a pair of sunglasses that can be used to see in the dark or as x-rays to see through walls.

And, in a classic Sean Connery-era sexist move, it only applies to women. NOLF2 certainly would have. And, as our esteemed editor Dave Woods said in his NOLF2 review last month, even adored titles like Medal Of Honor are starting to bore us with their unending streams of levels crammed with bodies to shoot down. When you’ve experienced the depth, freedom and originality of Deus Ex, it can be quite hard to go back to hacking down corridors like a frenzied automaton.

However, if this is the type of action you like, you’ll find that Nightfire’s frenetic pace is up there with the best of them. There’s certainly more variation and entertainment here than in, say, Return To Castle Wolfenstein, and the more trigger-happy among you will be in your element.

You also get the occasional moment of stealth, when getting seen or killing a civilian guard spells the end of the level. Early in the game the difficulty level is set low by letting you take a stupid amount of bullets before dying. Needless to say, later in the game these segments disappear rather quickly. It can be annoying at times, but at least it stops you from just rushing into rooms spraying bullets. Instead, you need to peek round corners, taking them out from a covered position and then waiting for the braver elements to come and get you.

Going back to the health – it makes a pleasant change to have no ridiculous kits or potions miraculously healing mortal wounds. The only thing available is armour. Although most of the game is mindless massacring, you do get some variety in the form of spacesuit levels in low gravity and the occasional third-person action, such as climbing up a building or swinging on a cable.

There are a couple of tense set pieces too, like getting stuck on a skyscraper’s outside lift, with rockets and bullets coming at you from all sides. And then the elevator begins to slide down. These breaks in the gameplay are all too rare though, and at times, things can get rather repetitive.

There are even some infuriating end-of-level bosses that again make you feel you’ve seen this all before. Tough helicopters anyone? At least you do get to fight some cool ninjas, who somersault and flashbang their way around you with dazzling speed.

But they, like several other good things in Nightfire, aren’t nearly as plentiful as they could have been. The fact that Nightfire is also being released on consoles is no excuse for its simple-mindedness and lack of depth. Both Half-Life and Deus Ex have been released on console.

I rest my case. The truth is that Nightfire feels slightly under par when compared to what it could have been. Is that too much to ask? You get the feeling there were some ambitious plans for this, more gadgets, set pieces and interaction with other characters and more humorous quips but they had to be shelved in order to get this out in time for Christmas.

One where you get to fire a machine gun while skiing down a mountain backwards and diving among sharks. One where you get to sit in a casino and play cards or roulette. One with freedom and depth. Where you actually felt like James Bond and not some trigger-happy oaf. When you’re a kid you want to be Luke Skywalker. When you grow up you want to be James Bond. And it’s easy to see why. Despite being forever associated with cold turkey, cheap tinsel and crap cracker jokes as the entire series is shown every damn Christmas.

Bond is what every man wants to be: cool, well-dressed. He might not have a lightsabre, but that’s about the only gadget he doesn’t get to play with. In fact, five years ago, GoldenEye was the toast of the console industry, wowing everyone on the N64 with FPS action that by rights should have been on the PC too. Still, it’s no use complaining about the past, especially now that we have NightFire to look forward to.

And look forward to it you should, because it’s being developed by none other than Gearbox, the makers of the wonderful Opposing Force add-on for Half-Life and the upcoming mouth-watering prospect that is Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. What’s more, close links with Valve Software mean that the pedigree behind the title is second-to-none. And being Half-Life freaks we couldn’t help asking just how much like it NightFire will be.

But, James Bond has a lot more resources at his disposal and as a result, the gadgetry in NightFire is unprecedented. Also, in classic narrative style, Bond will go all over the world to exotic locales and meet exotic women in exotic situations.

I like to think of this game as the ultimate Bond story that could never be made into a movie. With all of the sets, special effects and specialised equipment this game has, a movie version would cost a billion dollars to produce. That doesn’t hide the fact that this will be Gearbox’s first full game from scratch, but Landon isn’t worried. This is James Bond for the new millennium, so don’t expect to play a s hairy-chested chauvinist who likes to slap his women about.

Although Michael Condrey assures us they’re aiming to capture the essence of Bond, no one wants to play a pigheaded harasser Instead. NightFire will concentrate on the cool and smooth action hero wl believe Bond is probably the most recognised superhero in the world. Our Bond will deliver just that” That doesn’t mean ‘s amorous nature has been put aside, though. As well as the stealth, the shooting, the puzzle-solving and the gadgets, you’ll still have to keep the ladies happy.

How this will be incorporated into the gameplay dirty cut-scenes or save-the-girl missions isn’t quite clear. But we’re definitely in a full-blown Bond adventure here. It’s not too hard to cook up the main ingredients of a James Bond plot world domination, exotic scenery, a beautiful evil woman, a beautiful good woman and so on but it’s how it all comes together to create a thrilling visual spectacle that matters.

And NightFire is shaping up very nicely indeed. Rather than taking some of the scenes and locations from an upcoming film – as so many lazy adaptations have done before – Gearbox is working on a totally original story, with plenty of intrigue and locations all over the world. You want more details? Well Michael’s got plenty of ’em. And it’s good to see that stealth is playing a big part in the game too – peeking round corners, slipping past guards and using gadgets every step of the way is encouraged as is the gung-ho approach.

But NightFire offers enough freedom to ensure you can complete missions either way. At least to a certain point. Take the stealth route, find the hidden passage, utilise a new gadget, run and gun straight through Players will have the freedom and opportunity to customise their paths in many different and unique ways throughout NightFire.

To maximise their score, they will need to find the best balance of all their Bond skills. This being an FPS the question inevitably arises about the graphics and visual feel of the game.


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