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Statistiques et évolution de l’épidémie de CoronaVirus / Covid19 dans le monde et par pays.Crack expert pdf 8 professional free

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Police brutality is the excessive and unwarranted use of force by law enforcement against an individual or a group. It is an extreme form of police misconduct and is a civil rights violation. Police brutality includes but is not limited to beatings, shootings, “improper takedowns, and unwarranted use of tasers.

Police brutality is the modern form of violence by the state against civilians. The origin of modern policing can be traced back to the 18th century France. By the 19th and early 20th centuries, many nations had established modern police departments. Early records suggest that labor strikes were the first large-scale incidents of police brutality in the United States , including events like the Great Railroad Strike of , the Pullman Strike of , the Lawrence Textile Strike of , the Ludlow Massacre of , the Great Steel Strike of , and the Hanapepe Massacre of The term “police brutality” was first used in Britain in the midth century, by The Puppet-Show magazine a short-lived rival to Punch complaining in September Scarcely a week passes without their committing some offence which disgusts everybody but the magistrates.

Boys are bruised by their ferocity, women insulted by their ruffianism; and that which brutality has done, perjury denies, and magisterial stupidity suffers to go unpunished. The first use of the term in the American press was in when the Chicago Tribune [4] reported the beating of a civilian who was under arrest at the Harrison Street Police Station. In the United States, it is common for marginalized groups to perceive the police as oppressors , rather than protectors or enforcers of the law, due to the statistically disproportionate number of minority incarcerations.

When used in print or as the battle cry in a black power rally, police brutality can by implication cover several practices, from calling a citizen by his or her first name to death by a policeman’s bullet. What the average citizen thinks of when he hears the term, however, is something midway between these two occurrences, something more akin to what the police profession knows as “alley court”—the wanton vicious beating of a person in custody, usually while handcuffed , and usually taking place somewhere between the scene of the arrest and the station house.

A white civilian videotaped the assault. This incident led to extensive media coverage and criminal charges against several of the officers involved. After facing a federal trial, two of the four officers were convicted and received month prison sentences. The case was widely seen as a key factor in the reform of the Los Angeles Police Department. Under president Idi Amin , many Ugandan people were killed, including minority groups.

Many others were tortured. There were also deaths in police custody due to police action from to In , as a result of police officers being accused of crimes such as rape, torture, and murder, the cost of civil liabilities claims were so great that there was concern the costs would strain the South African Police Service national budget. The police commissioner at the time, Riah Phiyega, blamed the large number of claims “on a highly litigious climate”. Police brutality has spread throughout Soweto.

Nathaniel Julius was killed in Soweto by police officers from the El Dorado police station. He was a 16 year old boy with Down Syndrome , and was shot because he didn’t respond to the police officer calling him. This action was not warranted because Nathaniel didn’t have any weapons on him and he was just walking from the store after buying biscuits.

Two police officers were arrested over Julius’ death on murder charges, after mass protests against this in the area. South African police are commonly accused of excessive force, with ten deaths attributed to police the same year Police brutality was a major contribution to the Egyptian revolution and Khaled Said ‘s death, though little has changed since. After six months of reporting gang rape, a woman in Egypt is still seeking justice not only for herself, but also those who were witnesses in her favor and are jailed, tortured in pretrial custody.

The lack of investigation into the Fairmont Hotel rape case of has also put the Egyptian authorities under condemnation. Reportedly, the prime witnesses of the case have been subjected to drug testing, virginity tests and publicly defamed, while their families suffer trauma. In May , a man named Shamim Reja was killed by police in the Sonargaon police station.

The victim’s father claimed that his son was tortured in the police station as the police wanted Bangladeshi Taka BDT , In Shahbag, Bangladesh on 26 January , hundreds of protesters against the Bangladesh India Friendship Power Company were taken into custody with extreme force by police officers. The protesters were struck by police officers and had a water cannon, tear gas, and baton charges used on them.

On 23 January , a pro-jallikattu silent protest in Tamil Nadu turned violent. The National Human Rights Commission consolidated reports that the police used violent methods without prior warning, including beatings and damaging private property, to disperse protesters in Chennai.

There were widespread social media reports of police setting vehicles on fire. Islamic extremists in Indonesia have been targeted by police as terrorists in the country.

In many cases, they are either captured or killed. There are cases of police corruption involving hidden bank accounts and retaliation against journalists investigating these claims; one example occurred in June when Indonesian magazine Tempo had journalist activists beaten by police.

Separately, on 31 August police officers in Central Sulawesi province fired into a crowd of people protesting the death of a local man in police custody; five people were killed and 34 injured. The police’s history of violence goes back to the military-backed Suharto regime — when Suharto seized power during an alleged coup and instituted an anti-Communist purge.

Criminal investigations into human rights violations by the police are rare, punishments are light, and Indonesia has no independent national body to deal effectively with public complaints. Amnesty International has called on Indonesia to review police tactics during arrests and public order policing to ensure that they meet international standards.

During the Bersih protests, Malaysian police attacked protesters and killed one. Malaysian police also cane prisoners for several offences, including theft, drug dealing and molestation. The discussions of police brutality in the Philippines were revived on 21 December when a civilian police officer Jonel Nuezca shot his two unarmed neighbors following an argument over an improvised noise maker known locally as boga set up by the victim a day earlier.

In Singapore, people cannot protest. Police have also caned people for vandalism and other offences. The Gulf Cooperation Council GCC member states have seen many cases of brutality, with some even involving senior figures. He often recorded some of the abuse. Issa was eventually arrested but a court found him not guilty and released him.

Authorities in Saudi Arabia have also been filmed lashing civilians for different reasons. Jamal Khashoggi was a Saudi-American activist and his death inside a Saudi Embassy drew widespread criticism. In October , he went into the Embassy in Turkey. On that same day, a group of Saudi authorities entered the country and intercepted him at the Embassy and killed him soon after.

They disposed of his body and then returned to Saudi Arabia. In Bahrain, police and military personnel manhandled and shot dead many Arab Spring protesters. During the Gulf war, the Iraqis pillaged Kuwait and killed or tortured many people. A number of men and women were also raped. At the end of the war, some troops deliberately set fire to Kuwaiti oil fields. Before that, Saddam Hussein used the police to arrest any one who opposed him.

Iranian authorities routinely harass women if they are not wearing a hijab or if they show too much skin. The authorities have also harassed minorities, especially Bahai people.

Pakistan’s law enforcement is divided into multiple tiers, including forces under provincial and federal government control.

The law strictly prohibits any physical abuse of suspected or convicted criminals; however, due to deficiencies during the training process, there have been reported instances of suspected police brutality. Reported cases are often investigated by police authorities as well as civil courts leading to mixed outcomes. A recent case includes the purported extra judicial killing of a man named Naqeebullah by an ex-officer named “Rao Anwar”. Taking notice of the matter, the Supreme Court issued arrest and detention warrants in the case to arrest the accused.

As a result of the police trying to stop the rally, people were injured. During the Hong Kong protests , there were numerous instances of police brutality. Seven police officers were caught on video kicking and beating a prominent political activist who was already handcuffed. Pictures on local TV and social media show demonstrators being dragged behind police lines, circled by police officers so that onlookers’ views were blocked, and in some cases, re-emerging with visible injuries.

An officer-involved, retired police officer Frankly Chu King-wai was sentenced to three months in prison for causing serious bodily harm. During the —20 Hong Kong protests which gained extensive international coverage, [43] [44] [45] [46] complaints of police brutality increased substantially and broke previous records of complaints. Cases that have caused outrage include the police’s mauling and intentional head-shooting of protesters by rubber bullets [47] [48] [49] and rapid tear-gassing of a surrounded crowd.

Many Hong Kong citizens accuse the police of attempting to murder protesters to deter the people from exercising their freedom of expression. Amnesty International released a report on 21 June denouncing the role of the Hong Kong police in the 12 June protest that ended up in bloodshed.

Several street conflicts continued in Hong Kong throughout July Instances of police striking journalists with batons to obstruct their live reporting have been filmed. On the night of 31 August , more than riot police officers entered the Prince Edward MTR station and attacked suspects in a train compartment on the Tsuen Wan line with batons and pepper spray.

Many suspects sustained head injuries. Politically motivated riots and protests have occurred historically in China, notably with the Tiananmen Square protests of Chinese protesters have been able to systematize powerful group mobilizations with the use of social media and informal mass communication like Twitter and its Chinese counterparts Weibo.

The Xintang region, Canton Province Guangzhou , is an influential textile hub, attracting thousands of workers from all over the country, and what lit the fuse was a complaint of mistreatment against a pregnant migrant worker.

Protests on 20 February [ year needed ] used a website to urge participants not to shout more anti-government slogans, but to go outside for a quiet walk in the places where they had been deciding to continue the protest.

After a brutal police response, the authorities installed corrugated metal fences outside the restaurant and the home of dissident and Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo. This presence interrupted the orderly operation of the shops. In , Thai police, military personnel and others, were seen shooting at protesters at Thammasat University. Many were killed and many survivors were abused. Turkey has a history of police brutality, including the use of torture particularly between and Police brutality featured excessive use of tear gas including targeting protesters with tear gas canisters , [66] pepper spray, and water cannons.

Physical violence against protesters has been observed, for example, in the suppression of Kurdish protests and May Day demonstrations. The protests in Turkey were in response to the brutal police suppression of an environmentalist sit-in protesting the removal of Taksim Gezi Park. The European Court of Human Rights has noted the failure of the Turkish investigating authorities to carry out effective investigations into allegations of ill-treatment by law enforcement personnel during demonstrations.

In , the General Directorate of Security issued a circular banning all audio-visual recordings of law enforcement officers at protests.

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