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Owing book review rent collector free their poor living conditions, their infant son, Nisay, is chronically ill. Their existence is punctuated once per month by the appearance of the rent collector, Sopeap Sin.

Sopeap Sin is посетить страницу источник elderly, unpleasant and often drunk woman who squeezes every last dime from the residents of Stung Meanchey. Like all tenants, they pay in order to avoid being thrown into the street, which actually colpector marginally better to me than living in a tarpaper shack atop a burning pile of garbage. Ki Lim did manage to bring home a book, thinking that the illustrations would at least amuse Nisay.

The Khmer Book review rent collector free executed much of the educated populace in favor of easily controlled poor, so nobody they know is able to read. The two strike up a bargain, and Sopeap Sin agrees to teach Sang Rennt.

Sang Ly quickly discovers that Sopeap Sin not only can read, but is highly book review rent collector free and knows all about literature. They begin reading and discussing stories. When they return, Sopeap Sin has disappeared and they discover that she is gravely book review rent collector free.

Sang Ly and her family immediately set about finding her and solving the mystery of who she really is before her time runs out. Fun Fact: The story is fiction, but Stung Meanchey, Sang Ly and her family, and many of the other characters in the story are real. The Rent Collector was based on a documentary called River of Victory.

The author wove a fictional story about the actual people, imagining what hook happen if приведу ссылку family under those circumstances were given the gift of literacy. Stung Meanchey closed in and an alternate dump was opened, upon which no homes are allowed. Most of the pickers who lived there are now on the streets of Phnom Penh.

Bother bok I read this novel in a sitting, and may have teared up a few times. It is her literacy which makes every opportunity possible. It is her literacy which opens up her entire worldview. After an incident which is anything but black and white, Sang Ly reflects on Moby Dick, realizing that Herman Melville understood the human experience perfectly after all — no hero is all good, and no villain is all evil. I thought it was a very engaging story, but the subject matter is necessarily grim.

Destitute, however, does not equal hopeless. I am, however, a sucker for homages to literature. Your email address will booo be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the book review rent collector free time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. The Rent Collector Posted on December 4, by mizparker. A Visit From the Goon Squad.

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My name is Megan and I am the writer behind Teenage Reads, a book review blog telling teens what books are worth reading, and books that aren’t.

As a year-old Canadian, I have a ton of experience reading good books, and finishing bad ones, and is willing to give my honest opinion on them. Starting in and still going strong, I hope you enjoy some of the books I have, as well as give me suggestions for new ones to try!

Goodreads Teen Ink. On a good day, she can earn enough to buy food for her family. When Sang Ly is unable to pay her rent, she fears her family will have to leave their shanty home—a place where her only possessions can be carried in two hands. Sang Ly offers her the book if she can keep her family at the dump. An unlikely friendship develops between the two women, and Sang Ly learns that Sopeap knows how to read—something Sang Ly has always wanted to learn.

But the Rent Collector has a secret and a tragic past, one that will not be easy for Sang Ly to navigate. With the support of her family, Sang Ly embarks on a life-changing journey for a better life and future. The Rent Collector is about the power of literacy, the influence of the past, and finding hope, resiliency, and empowerment in the face of seemingly endless hardship.

Sang Ly wants what is best for her son. For Sang Ly, this is life, and where her grandfather promised her a good life, Sang Ly believed he meant her family and not her living conditions. Shocked everyone that Sopeap, their drunken landlord of Stung Meanchey, could read. Begging for lessons, Sang Ly knew if she could read, she could teach Nisay, and offer him a better life than Stung Meanchey could offer him. Sopeap said yes, with a heavy price tag, and soon the two of them started learning together – a teacher and a student.

Sang Ly got to learn so much from Sopeap and the art of literature, allowing Sopeap to once again step back into a life she left long ago. As Sang Ly grew better and better at reading and learning about literature, she began to see the world in a new light.

Wanting to help Sopeap and her past traumas, Sang Ly knew reading was going to be a gift to share, to create a better life for her and her family. This story is meant for young readers, to open their eyes to the world around them, and inspire them about the powers of education. Reading this story, it does not feel like a dumb down version, but one that was purposely written to keep young readers engaged without traumatizing them. Which is an important aspect.

I am glad that Wright added it, as it will help answer youth questions about how people end up in Stung Meanchey, and how it is not always their fault. Throughout reading this novel, I could not help but feel grateful for the life I have, and this book helped me to recognize my own privilege in my life. Overall, this story is great for young readers who are getting interested in the world around them, and a great reminder to ourselves to be thankful for the life we have.

Read more reviews: Goodreads. Buy the book: Amazon. About Me. Currently Reading. Plot: Sang Ly wants what is best for her son.


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