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I really like the class option that let’s me show separate columns for each property and for misc income. Now the kicker. OR only uses Quickbooks Online. I want to make a request to integrate both Online and Dektop and I am willing to be the beta-tester Guinea Pig to get it done. We’ve considered QuickBooks Desktop integration, but it doesn’t offer full sync support that would let us make updates to invoices and payments as incidentals are added and payments come in.

We do have reports and exports for bookings and charges and payments, so some folks will dump those to Excel and then import to QB desktop that way. Is there any documentation on how they do that?

I was just on the phone with QB – no deals after 1st year. Do most people just consolidate all their properties into one line? What level of QB Online do most use? Do you have reports that can break down the properties into columns by income and expense? I kind of doubt that. Any other accounting options? Hi Norman, sorry for the delay on this. Just noticed your response here from a couple weeks ago I don’t have any documentation on the QB Desktop imports.

Other users here may be able to instruct you in that. Yes, QB Online isn’t cheap. It used to be, but then they did a bunch of work, cornered the market and drove the price up.

You don’t have to use the Class attribute. Personally, I would recommend it since it allows you to pivot your reports by that, but you don’t have to. We have avoided building out a lot of accounting features since our focus is on the booking side and we want to do well at that. Once we go accounting, the number of expected features would explode double entry bookkeeping, chart of accounts, taxes, journal entry, depreciation, balance sheets and so on and we don’t want to head in that direction.

We want to focus on the booking side of things. No current plans for direct integration with QuickBooks desktop. I’m curious how anyone would choose to use QB online. Yep, it is a tradeoff between price and convenience for sure. There’s a lot of time savings with being able to log in from anywhere and share with multiple users, so you’ve got to factor that into the equation.

And a lot of people use QBO just because its the de facto standard — nobody every got fired for buying IBM and all that. I’d bet they have a bulk discount for several companies at once, maybe something through their Accountant program. I’ve used both of those for smaller companies and they worked great. Are there any users that have a “Best Practices” write up on how to handle the various entries required from OR to Quickbooks Desktop? If you do direct bookings and accept credit cards, just put those fees against some kind of FEE account, probably those are useful to reduce income.

An accountant primarily cares about how much you earned in income, and then they’ll look at your expenses and see if any of that can offset your financial picture, perhaps by reducing income or by adding to the cost basis of your property ie: repairs.

You’d be pretty close if all you did was put income in one quickbooks account and expenses into another, no need for tracking guest names or anything more fine grained.

None of the above addresses sales tax payments, maybe that’s part of your question? In the state of CO I’ve been told that you don’t need to pay sales tax on the amount due to cleaning. I personally have been paying that in the past, but next quarter I’ll look more closely.

Vacation rental software. Experience the difference of “Elite”. Join Sign Up Log In. Why OR? Why OwnerRez? Forums » Feature Requests ». Status: Requested 5 Votes. Vote for this feature. Watch This Topic. Sloanish Jul 16, PM. Joined Jun, 84 posts. Hello – me again. Chris Hynes Jul 17, AM. Sloanish Jul 17, PM. Paul W Jul 30, AM. MB May 30, PM. Joined Dec, 18 posts. Is there a plan to integrate with desktop? The article I read said online only.

Chris Hynes May 30, PM. Rich S Jun 7, PM. Joined Dec, posts. Joined Jun, posts. Don’t use it currently, but are there any quality cheap QB alternatives? Chris Hynes Jun 8, PM. Sloanish Dec 20, PM. Rich S Dec 20, PM. Sloanish said: Are there any users that have a “Best Practices” write up on how to handle the various entries required from OR to Quickbooks Desktop?

Sloanish Feb 17, PM.


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Location Seattle, Wa I have used QB Desktop since and it’s worked fine. I tried QB online about 6 years ago and couldn’t get it to work well for me because of a few things I was used to in the desktop version like progress billing and customized forms. I really like the idea of being able to use any device from any location to access QB and not have a dedicated computer for it. I also know the net cost for QB Online nets out higher than the desktop version over a 3 year period.

We’re a small shop 4 people and I do all my estimating, bidding, invoicing and payroll through QB desktop. Do any of you currently or have previously used QB online? What do you feel are the pros an cons especially in comparison with the desktop version? What other input do you have that I should consider FYI – I’m not interested in using an unsupported version of the software as I know some of you do.

Mostly I loose my ability to do direct payroll deposits with unsupported versions. Thanks in advance for any input -Rob. Dennis Alwon Moderator Staff member. I never used the online version and quite frankly I had no reason to. I believe the desktop version will allow 2 or 3 copies to different machines that you may have. I also have heard bad things about the online version but that was awhile ago.

I use the online version but that was suggested by my accountant. I am a one man shop as well so that may make a difference. Click to expand Location Roughly miles from Earls Court. Dodging the question – I use QB desktop, bought the last upgrade from Amazon at a substantial discount. You don’t need a dedicated PC for QB, it’s just another program. I don’t like that much of my info being Up There; but then I do a backup every time I do something and store monthly copies off-site.

Unless an office is crunched for cash license and computer , I can’t see much advantage to the online version. Location Northern illinois Occupation engineer. I use the desktop version for the books for a club that I am the treasurer of. I would love to go online but the extra cost is just insane. Why do you say that? What would QBO do for you that desktop doesn’t? Ravenvalor Senior Member. Location Piedmont region of NC. I am still leary about anything being on the cloud.

You could always back up to one drive or whatever mac version of that is.. Ravenvalor said:. Location NE Nebraska. AFAIK latest desktop versions still have same core functions they have had for years.

You have a company file but can not run it on multiple devices unless there is a device that is hosting that file and always is accessible to those other devices. Do need to set it up in a multi-user mode and likely pay for a license for each user. Even for a one man operation if you want to be able to create invoices at the job site or process a credit card payment via the QB software on job site, you pretty much need to bring a laptop with you that has the program and the active company file on it or a way to access the server with said company file.

Lesser expensive on line versions make invoicing and payments simpler to do in the field, even with a smartphone, but have other limitations of what they can do, without upgrading to a more expensive version anyway. If you find you seldom need to invoice while on the job or collect while on the job might not be worth the online version costs at all, even the lesser expensive on line versions cost more than desktop version usage over three years of support you get with the desktop version.

There is time tracking apps that do integrate with desktop and I believe even receipt capture apps that can help with purchasing receipts though just take a photo of receipt and it can automatically compare to similar receipts from past and make entries to same expense categories as before from my understanding – haven’t tried it yet, about to transition to new desktop version from a version I still am using.

I need a dedicated local computer to install it on. I have never used the online version but did look into it a while back. I quickly decided it wasn’t for me since it will not accept a direct import of. IIF files. Several of my suppliers send me IIF files for all invoices. This allows me to import directly in to QB without manually entering each one.

Previously the desktop version was less expensive if you didn’t need to update to the newest version often. I believe all versions are subscription based now so you are stuck paying an annual fee no matter which you choose.

I run payroll through Quickbooks. It less expensive for me to purchase a new version of QB from Amazon or Costco every year that included 1 year of payroll than pay QB for the annual payroll fee. I think we’re mixing the meanings- a “dedicated PC” generally means one used solely for that function and must not be used for anything else.

QB does not need that. As for “cloud” backups- I backup to local disk, external disk, then to gdrive. Even though QB files are already encrypted, if hackers can find that, then decrypt, they’ll still be disappointed.


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Enter ссылка на подробности search word. Turn off suggestions. Enter a user name or rank. Turn on suggestions. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Get help with QuickBooks. Help Articles. Ready to get started with QuickBooks Online? This walkthrough guides you th Read more. Start a discussion. Most viewed Most Recent Unanswered. What account do i enter income tax payments under. I want to unsubscribe from quick books. How do I record interest earned from a bank account?

The interest is on quickbooks desktop forum funds not from a customer. What is error bad gateaway. Источник статьи we view sent e-mails. They both have an issue with sent e-mails.

Wanting dektop streamline things, they are willing to use the on-line mailing system, but neither like the fact that they cannot view th MandydeMoet Level 2.

How do you delete a client. I’ve added a client which was linked to a subscription on Quickbooks Online Plus. We then cancel the subscription in order to downgrade the plan to Essentials and re-subscribe. Quickboooks want to delete the original client from Quickbooks Online Accountant. How do I update my company file following my upgrade to Desktop Pro ? I upgraded to QB Desktop Pro I managed to log in but once I try to open my data file, I get the message: “this company file needs to be /6386.txt. GraceWell Level 1.

Customer overpaid – how do I carry over the balance? Total QBO noob here. Here’s the scenario: a customer overpaid me. When I try quickbopks match the payment to the invoice, I get notified quickbooks desktop forum I need to correct the error.

I simply want the overpayment to quickbooks desktop forum over to next month – I don’t want to issue anoth I do the books for a few companies. Can I open multiple companies in Quickbooks Desktop Pro? Add custom fields to BILL template. This feature is missing and I did make a request t have this field added.

Lets привожу ссылку the team to add this feature like Desktop version. CFO-Hire Level 1. Can you create more quickbooks desktop forum one company with quickbooks desktop forum Online version of QB – like with the desk приведенная ссылка version?

Can quickbooks desktop forum create more than one company on the Online version of QB as i am able to do with the Desktop version? Can quickbooks online automatically assign account numbers? How can I view a record of emails ie invoices qiickbooks I have sent to my customers.

You have exceeded quickbooks desktop forum maximum number of users who quickbooks desktop forum access the company quickbooks trial license number – quickbooks trial license number one time quickbooks. Our server is old so we bought a new PC which I managed to migrate everything over including quickbooks and all 4 users were able to login.

But when I replaced the server pc with the new pc in another office only 1 person can fotum to quickbooks How do I change opening balance on bank account register. The opening balance on a client’s bank statement is a nwgative amount. QB would not allow me to enter a negative opening balance.

I have entered a nil balance. How do I change the opening balance to a negative balance. Our Logo on the Sales Invoice is the correct size on the Template but a lot smaller on the actual quickbooks desktop forum. Logo on invoice needs to be as on Template?

Renew subscription quickbooks desktop forum working. Something’s not quite right Something’s not working.

Give us a quickbooks desktop forum minutes and try again. If it still doesn’t work, please contact us. Something’s not quite rightSomething’s not working. Adding inventory – same foruk, different cost.

I cant seem to find clarity on this specific scenario – the best I have found quckbooks under the FIFO information but not clear Currently have inventory loaded of medical wristbands eg: 10 bands R50 ea New stock arrived quickbooks desktop forum I want to load additional Mediband Level 1.

Вот ссылка do I include the customers purchase order number on the delivery note. Purchase order error: “You must select an account for this transaction.

I have been trying all the advice on the forums. I have cleared my cache, tried in private browsing, even tried on the Quickbooks desktop forum Mac platform, but still the same error. I want to create a PO for items, I have selected the vendor and the items, with I источник a customer and supplier with the same name.

How do I load them as such? How can I edit my statement to add froum as requested by my client? I also wish to add my logo to my statements? Step by step explanation will be best please? I have a client who pays for 2 different site buts wants to have it all on 1 statement to be paid all at once.

Only problem is that Quickbooks desktop forum need to stipulate as to which site it is and then have the list of invoices below it, then list /901.txt next site and ha Record and reimburse owner payments on behalf of the company. I have made purchases with personal funds for the company and all articles i find seem like workarounds rather than correct methods. They all also happen to be different methods which is worrisome.

I need to do the following. One of my supplier’s по ссылке balances is higher than the total of their unpaid bills. However, the amount showing as quickbooks desktop forum on their supplier page is much higher and I cannot find why this has How can i change the quickbooks desktop forum statement template?

Load More. Auto-suggest quickbooks desktop forum you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. What account do i enter income tax payments under i have paid provisional tax for my company. How do you delete a client I’ve added a client which was quickbooks desktop forum to a subscription on Quickbooks Online Plus.

Quickbooke have exceeded the maximum number of users who can access the company at one time quickbooks Our server is old so we bought a new PC which I managed to migrate everything over including quickbooks and all 4 users were able to login.

Quickhooks do I change opening balance on bank account register The opening balance on a client’s bank statement is a nwgative quickbooks desktop pro plus 21 download. Adding inventory – same product, different cost Qjickbooks cant seem to find clarity on this specific scenario – the best I have found is under the FIFO information but not clear

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